Knowledge Exchange Forum

The Knowledge Exchange Forum sessions allowed Gender Summit partners and supporters to demonstrate emerging best practices in improving gender balance and career opportunities of women and men in STEM areas. The Summit ran four sessions in parallel:

FESTA : Challenges in Creating Gendered Organisation Change

Starting from the experiences of the EU FP7 project – Female Empowerment in Science and Technology in Academia (FESTA), this interactive and participative workshop shared the types and degrees of resistance encountered since FESTA started to create gendered organisation change in seven institutions in 2012. The goal of the workshop is to plot the types of resistance encountered in FESTA, to develop a set of resistance strategies which draws on already tried and tested methods, and explores some new approaches.

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Focus on Early Career Stage

The purpose of this interactive session was to focus on how effective and proven approaches to support women scientists at early career stage can be rolled out for wider adoption by universities and research organisations. Included in the session was a new career development support tool developed jointly by Fraunhofer, Tel Aviv University and Portia, which expands benefits of mentoring by using a scenario-based method to cover a range of typical career issues faced by women at early career stage. The method has been tested at three institutions in three different countries and is ready for a rollout. Feedback from this session helped define the rollout process.

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Gender Analysis in Research: Preparing Researchers for Horizon 2020

This session focused on the concrete requirements in Horizon 2020, the EU’s latest €80bn funding scheme, with regards to gendered innovations. The audience could learn about what subfields now specifically require a gendered perspective in their research proposals and what that means for their proposals. The sessions included leave ample time for questions from the audience, with the convenors of the session bringing not only their extensive academic experience but specifically of the methods developed by Gendered Innovations in Science, Health & Medicine, Engineering, and Environment and project, and recommendations from the genSET: gender in science project.

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GenPORT : Find out About the New Gateway to Gender and Science

This session focused on the GenPORT project and and the Internet portal the project is developing. We discussed the background to the project, the distinctive place of the portal within the field of gender and science activities, and its potential role in the delivery of gender equality under Horizon 2020. Audience members who are interested in forming the GenPORT online community of practice could hear about the design of the portal to date, and are invited to help us identify key elements of the ongoing design to best serve their needs over the longer term.

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